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This simple piece of equipment can be a powerful tool to help train your core muscles. Think of your core as everything between your diaphragm to your pelvis, and all around your abdomen front, back and sides. Our bodies are designed to use the smallest muscles possible to generate a movement, however, often times, our small muscles are too weak or our brain looses the ability to talk to these muscles, and we end up using larger muscles (compensatory or cheater muscles) in order to make the movement happen. This causes our body to move in an inefficient way. Works for a while, but will eventually cause degeneration and undue stress resulting in either pain, or further compensations. It's an ongoing cycle. By training our tiny postural muscles, we can better generate force how the body is built to. 

How to use:

The possibilities go beyond this site - I know this is not the first time you've seen a ball like this. How I use it most in clinic, and teach patients how to use is for core strength, stability and control. It is applicable to patients with low back pain, posture difficulties, balance difficulties, and poor coordination. 

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