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First things first!


I challenge you to right now, feel where your posture is without suddenly correcting as if you're being watched.

Were your shoulders and head forward, core relaxed and hips forward? Something like this picture? It's okay! You are not alone! 

When you think about posture, what do you think?

   - Stand/sit tall? Straighten up? Balance a book on top of your head?

I  believe that, if every person had prefect posture, I would not have a job. It is truly THAT important! 

Now that you know it's important, let's dive into how to achieve (and maintain) it. I call the following group of exercises my "posture progression" It is 4 steps that, when executed together, can assist you in finding optimal spinal positioning for optimal posture in both sitting and standing. 

Step 1: 

Where is your pelvis?

If we visualize our pelvis as a bowl filled with water, if your bowl tilted forward pouring water out the front side? Or tilted backwards pouring water out the back side? Or is it right in the middle?

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