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First Toe Press - 2nd to 5th toe lift


Complete while Standing or Sitting.


With foot flat on floor - make sure your heel, pad of pinky toe, and big toe are in contact with the floor at the start of this activity. 


Press your big toe down into the floor pulling it back toward your heel while lifting the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th toe up off of the ground. 

   - Make sure you are simultaneously lifting the arch; do not let you knee collapse inward. 


Reps: 10-20

Hold: 5-10 seconds

Repeat 2 times a day

Increase difficulty:

 - Sitting to Standing

 - One foot at a time to both simultaneously

 - Standing with one foot in front of the other (like you're walking a tight rope)

 - Standing on one foot


Increase strength of muscles within foot, especially that which support arch for improved shock absorption and walking efficiency.

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