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Exercise is the foundation on which Physical Therapists practice medicine.

We do not prescribe medicine. We prescribe movement.

Exercise is medicine - take it daily!

Stretching Together

Sometimes pain can be so overwhelming that the idea of exercise is too much. What if we just took a second to step back and check in with our bodies? Use this video to guide you through my version of a full body scan.

Neck and Chin

Neck Range of Motion

I call these movements: 
     - Yes Ma’am
     - No Sir
     - Puppy Dog says “what?”


Posture Progression

I often say if everyone had perfect posture, I wouldn't have a job. I mean it - posture plays such a pivotal role in standing, sitting, sleeping positional forces and loading through our head, neck, chest, low back, and entire lower body. It has an influence on our balance, ability to walk, stand up, squat, lift, push, pull and just about every other functional movement. Without appropriate posture and stability, our body finds compromising, vulnerable alternative ways to complete these movements 

Image by Otto Norin

Pelvis Movements

I find this to be a very effective way to help patients learn how to activate their tiny core muscles. This can be completed sitting in any chair, or, to make it more difficult, while sitting on a swiss ball

Arms Stretched Out

Back/Spine Range of Motion

Similar to neck range of motion, the goal is to move every segment of your spine in turn to achieve your largest range of motion. You can complete these standing or sitting depending on your balance and safety.

Wall Posture

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