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Who needs arch support?

In my opinion, the majority of the population would benefit from wearing arch supports. Whether you have the perfect arch, a high arch or low arch, additional structural support to your foot can make a substantial difference in foot health, loading through foot, and the transfer of forces up the leg. 

Why these?

What I like about this specific support is the hard plastic component through the bottom of the device. It is minimal in height which will prevent significant changes in how your foot contacts the ground. It's rigidity will decrease the degree at which your foot can collapse inward at the arch (we call this pronation). These two factors can help balance force transmission up the leg to the back, decreasing stress and compensation through the knee, hip, pelvis, and spine.

There are hundreds of arch supports out there - use this as a jumping off point when looking for the best support for your foot - remember - minimal height to instep and firm plastic component. 

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