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Hello everyone, Rachel here.
I am a Physical Therapist.
Welcome to my site - I'm glad you're here.

Running Up

This website is a passion project of mine I am just starting to get off the ground. So however you found yourself here, thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of this website is to educate on my field of medicine - Physical Therapy.

My goal is to provide information that I feel should be general knowledge, but which I often find patients, family, and friends are entirely unaware of.

For some time, this website will be under ongoing construction as I add videos, links, education. I plan to have a page with links to braces, devices, and various equipment I often use in clinic or recommend to patients with rational for use. I want to fill in educational holes in areas that I know the medical field falls short, and to do that best, I need your feedback!

Please use the “contact us” feature to give me recommendations or questions. I cannot diagnose or treat anyone through a computer screen, but I’d love to be a competent resource for physical therapy care.

Physical Therapy - Empowering Healing Through Movement

Reach out!

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